[International Modern Hospital Show 2021] Multi-motion Bath Chair "Roomy AS300" - Amano Inc.

Amano Inc. exhibited Multi-motion Bath Chair “Roomy AS300” at International Modern Hospital Show 2021.


The name of this product is Roomy.This product is a type
where you can take a bath with this stretcher inside.These types of bathtubs have used
fixed reclining methods, and there were no reclining types for showers.But our company introduced reclining method
so that it can go inside as it reclines.This is a bathtub that is named Roomy as it gives you a sense of freedom as if you were in a room.
Once you go insideyou willbe able to see this foot space here.There’s enough space for the user to stretch their legs when they take baths.
As baths can be enjoyed as if one is in their home, this is why we named it Roomy.