[Pet Expo Thailand 2021] Multi-Surface Germs Killer - GRIP

GRIP is exhibited Multi-Surface Germs Killer at Pet Expo Thailand 2021.

Hello, today I would like to introduce Grip Germs Killer disinfectant cleaner.
This liquid was born from my English Bulldog.
Allergy to general disinfectant cleaners
But because we are lovers of cleanliness
And the English bulldog salivate a lot and pissed all over.
we want to disinfect So we came up with this product.
And it still exists to this day.
Our solution is popular among pet owners.
Because many veterinarians choose to use them in hospitals.
This includes the dog’s pool or the dog’s wellness center as well.
But this product is not just for dogs or pets.
Can be used in all households.
Whether wiping door knobs, faucets,
mopping the floor, cleaning the air conditioner, you can still get it.
Just mix water and let the air conditioner clean the air conditioner. Ensure all bacteria are gone.
is the more this time We know that there is an epidemic.
I have this in my house. I feel relieved.
As for the properties of this liquid.
It also kills bacteria and viruses.
We can’t disinfect alone. Chemicals must be safe for our bodies as well.
Safe for pets and the whole family
The smell is not too strong.
We use eucalyptus and pine scents to flavor the liquid.
Therefore, it will leave a fresh and clean smell.
One bottle of solution, size is 480 milligrams,
customers use only half the cap and half a bucket of water.
I don’t waste money. One bottle can be used for about 32 times.
Some people say that ours are expensive. It’s really not that expensive
because it only uses half the cap for half a bucket of water.
From the aforementioned that our products are safe for people and pets
I guarantee it with the Chihuajit Award. I just got it fresh and hot.
I got it last month.
It is considered an award that helps to guarantee the safety of our products.