[Asian Smart Tourism Industry Show 2021] e-Incheon - Incheon Metropolitan City

Incheon Metropolitan City is exhibited e-Incheon at Asian Smart Tourism Industry Show 2021.

The main theme is the concept of a smart tourism city.
Last year, we were selected as a smart tourism city organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism,
and Incheon Metropolitan City was selected as Korea’s first smart tourism city.
In line with the trend of non-face-to-face safe tourism,
With this, we can experience VR and AR, get recommendations for travel courses that suit your taste,
and make reservations for transportation and other things.
It is an application that allows you to travel more conveniently and smartly with one mobile device.
Because it is a location-based service, you can go to the site and experience VR and AR directly with your mobile phone.
It is an application that can solve all kinds of food, transportation, and airport courses all at once with one app.
We also provide restaurant introductions, restaurant discount coupons, and more.