[Pet Expo Thailand 2021] Flick Fluggy, Ultra Concentrated Shampoo - Paws For All

Paws For All is exhibited Flick Fluggy, Ultra Concentrated Shampoo at Pet Expo Thailand 2021.

Brand Paws For All, made in Thailand.
Most of our products
It is a product that mixes herbs.
make it organic For sensitive dogs and cats
Personally, the perfume that we use is 100% Essential Oil,
no synthetic fragrance at all.
There are 3 formulas in our list. There is
a red formula,
which is Fluffy formula. It is a formula that prevents hair loss and
makes hair soft
. up to two weeks it still won’t smell
This one is made from kaffir lime, Yanang leaf, Centella asiatica,
and the second
formula is Ultra Concentrate, a green formula.
This will prevent yeast. which is a red spot on the pet’s body
This one will be made of gold panchang.
The third part is the Flick Shampoo formula
. This one is made from neem leaves and lemongrass. The
feature of this formula is that it will repel fleas and ticks.
out of the pet’s body from sticking to the body